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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: July 1, 2010

Hello Beauties!

This Hipcooks newsletter is all about Beauty, from the inside to the outside, guys and gals alike.This newsletter celebrates you! Feel great and look great this summer by radiating health. Just as a dish is no better than the quality of the ingredients you put into it - you are best when you feed yourself healthy foods, prepared with love.  And let me tell you, you are One Hot Dish!

I've posted tons of healthy cooking classes for the summer. Learn how to make foods with REAL ingredients at Hipcooks.  We've got new classes posted in Portland, EastLA and WestLA.  While all of our classes aim to be healthy, check out these hum-zingers:

    I'm Freeee! Oh yeah, a Gluten-Free class! This is a packed 4-hour special workshop at Hipcooks that focuses on a healthier you. Consider coming even if you are not Gluten-Free yourself, as this class really focuses on wonderful, hearty food for a healthier lifestyle! In Portland, and coming soon to LA.

    Healthy Fresh and Zingy. This whole series is fabulous - 3 course meal classes with knife skills as part of the session. They are all seafood based main dishes that you can make in a snap! All studios.

    Brown Baggin' It. We get together on a Sunday, we make healthy fabulous take-to-work-lunches for the whole week. 'Nuff said? Oh yeah - fabulous knife skills in this class, too! In Portland, in WestLA

In the news: Hipcooks get Lucky!
Monika in Lucky
I am in the July issue of Lucky Magazine touting my favorite home-made skin and haircare products - Apothecary Fairy.  Hailing from the LA Brewery as well, Elia takes to the kitchen in a new way, blending all natural ingredients for your Outsides!  Good food IN, Good food ON! (Avoid putting nasty chemicals into your body - but also on your body by using handmade all-natural products, yo!) To celebrate Elia the Apothecary Fairy and all good things yummy, she is holding a special Hipcooks sale at her website. Just enter in coupon code "hipcooks2010" if you order any one of the fabulous products from her site.

AND... Elia supplies the Hipcooks recipe of the Month, hurrah! Do you want to see pictures of the whole step-by-step process? Click on the Hipcooks Facebook page for detailed recipe and photos.

    Invigorating Lemon Sugar Scrub

    1/2 cup sugar
    1/4 cup olive oil, grapeseed oil, or coconut oil (the 3 types of oil I have hanginScrubg around my cupboards, but just about any oil will do)
    Zest of 2 lemons (zest away with that Microplane!)
    Optional: 1 small handful mint leaves, julienned and/or 8 - 12 drops peppermint essential oil

    1. Add oil to dry sugar in bowl. Stir well until sugar is hydrated in oil but still nice and thick.
    2. Grate lemon rind into mixture. Stir.
    3.Add mint leaves (optional) Stir.  Add 8-12 drops peppermint or spearmint essential oil (optional). Stir.
    4. Scoop mixture in jar.
    5. Exfoliate over your body in shower after using soap. Mixture will smooth and moisturize skin while cooling gently! Great as a foot scrub too! Heavenly "fresh from the garden" natural aroma.

    Tip: If only using as a foot scrub, add a little more mint essential oil to really cool off those feet! Essential oil is VERY concentrated so a little goes a long way. To test, apply a bit of sugar scrub to forearm, rub in then rinse.

Do you like what you read?  Then be happy about the next Hipcooks class in the works: Food for your Face! In this class, we'll take common household ingredients, like salt, coffee grounds, citrus fruit, etc and make fabulous beauty products to try and take home: scrubs, masks, cleansers, deodorant. Interested? Send me an email with "Beauty" in the subject line and I will include you in the development/scheduling process.

Rock on, you Beautiful Thing, you!
And as always, Eat Well, Be Well,