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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: April 1, 2007

Hello Hipcooks,

April showers bring May flowers....and lots of things on the Hipcooks schedule!

  • The new calendar is up!
  • Artwalk, Artwalk, Artwalk....mark your calendars
  • Hipcooks Spring Cleaning!!
  • Free knife sharpening day at Hipcooks by Wusthof
  • Recipe of the month

The new calendar is up!  Spring pickin's are here!  Hop to it, rabbits!  There are many classes to choose from. has all the details.  Mother's Day classes May 13 (A Sunday Brunch & OMG) and Father's day classes June 17 (Who's Your Daddy - all grill class) are posted, so bring your p's and m's.

The Brewery Artwalk  Mark your calendars for the weekend of April 22 and 23rd.  Why? Because it's Artwalk, silly.  What is Artwalk, you ask?  Open studios here at the Brewery, the largest art colony in Ze Vorld.  Meaning, you can stroll, dine, marvel and giggle  - 300 studios here will be opening their doors to the public for one wacky weekend. Come check it out!  You won't be disappointed.  And of course, the Hipcooks studio will have the usual insanity, plus the most amazing & lovely glass necklaces from and fashions and craft school by
For Spring, I have these exciting new classes to tell you about:
Hipcooks Spring into Life!  A lifestyle-series at Hipcooks for a healthier, happier you

Saturday, April 14th, 10am – 3pm (5 hour workshops, $130)
Session 1: Eating for Energy
What would life be like if you had an abundance of energy and vitality?  In this class we’ll look at how our food and lifestyle choices affect our health.  When, how, what should you eat?  What should you not eat? 
Saturday, May 12th, 10am – 3pm
Session 2: I’m Freeeeeeee!
Wheat Free, Dairy-free, Gluten Free!  Lucky you….you have a jumpstart into a very happy and healthy life by eliminating (or even just restricting) these common allergens.  What are dairy substitutes that are not freaky?  This class will have a HUGE cooking portion with Monika, and will include LOTS of items as well as entire dinner party menus that are “Free!”, yet non-“Free!” people will not notice.
Saturday, June 23rd, 10am – 3pm
Session 3:Cooking for Healing, Cleansing, Juicing, and RAW!
How to cook for healing when one is not well.   What foods give the most energy the fastest, and what is good for specific ailments.  Cleansing: when to do it, when not do it, and how to do it gently. How, when, and why to juice.   And hey, it is summer!  What a great time to try RAW!  We’ll teach many fun courses that are entirely raw, as well as a raw dinner party you can have for your friends.
Saturday, July 14th, 10am – 3pm
Session 4: The Healthy Sweet Tooth
How can you sweeten desserts naturally?  Can you not use any gluten or dairy and still get a delicious cake?  And I mean delicious, people, not some weird “Oh I am eating a “healthy cake” cake.
Saturday-Sunday, August 15th-16th
Session 5:  The Reward
Hipcooks Slumber Party!  Let's pig out to all our favorite treats!  We will make fun and festive side dishes with twinkies, ding dongs and cheetos.  Oh, and of course, let's make Hipcooks versions of those yummy little Italian ices that you had to eat with a tiny wooden spoon! We'll stay up all night watching our favorite movies like Teen Wolf, Solorbabies, and RoboCop 2 (everyone knows the second one was much better).  Bring your jammies and your favorite stuffed animal and junk food snack for improvisational cooking.

Wusthof!   Hooray!  Thanks for signing up for the knife skills workshop.  If all goes well, we will indeed offer more.  And.....
Sunday, April 22, 11am - 5 pm.  Free knife sharpening day at Hipcooks by Wusthof
One of the Artwalk days will be also devoted to a free bring "bring your knife in and we'll sharpen it" session.   Because it makes me giggle like having you guys run around Artwalk with sharp knives. 

April fools about the Slumber Party thing!

Hipcooks Recipe of the Month
Savory Napoleon Snack:
Stacking is in.  Layer alternating Cheetos and Velveeta for a junk food lasagna.  For a fiery version, use Fiery Cheetos.  
Twinkie Tiramisu:
Once again, your the king of Hip by layering.  Cover the bottom of a glass dish with Fluff.  Lightly dip Twinkies in a mixture of Nescafe and Baileys.  Layer on top of Fluff, and repeat.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder. 

Ha ha ha ha!   April fools strikes again!  Though they don’t sound too bad, do they? ; )

Eat Well, Be well. Monika