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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: September 28, 2007

Hello Hipcooks!

An early newsletter from me!  How do like them apples? (Oh wait, that was last month.) 
I just couldn't wait to write and give you ample time to mark you calendars:

  • Brewery Artwalk is next Saturday and Sunday, Oct 6th and 7th, 11am - 6 pm each day.
Never been?  It is one of those things that is really worth doing in LA.  What is it?  Open studios at the largest art colony in the world - see what the 700 people in this community are up to, check out art, interiors of loft spaces, make new friends.  And stop by Hipcooks, where it is always rockin'.  This year I'll be there the entire time, cooking up tasty treats, answering questions about cooking classes, dancing it up.  Also in the Hipcooks studio:  Retimade:  glass jewelry so yummy you want to eat it.  Random Nicole, lending her fashion and whimsy to the studio's second floor, whoo-hoo!
  • Free Knife-Sharpening Day at Hipcooks, Sunday, Oct 7th, 1 - 4 pm
Bring in your beauties, no matter how dull and mistreated, and we'll try to breathe some life back into them.  Any brand, any age, any make.  Don't want to walk around Artwalk with knifes?  Bring them in bag and I'll store them while you stroll.  Personally, I'd walk with them.  Could be handy in art negotiations.
  • Hipcooks classes are posted!
Aw yeah!  We got greats for you.  Click on to see the schedule. 
This Sun 30th: Persian Immersion.  An exotic class with the most wonderful of flavors....think saffron, orange, almonds, pomegranate, cardamom.  Gotcha!
Also this Sun 30th: Brown Baggin It!  Sick of eating unhealthy cafeteria food? Come to class on Sunday for a fabulous knife skills class, cook and packup your lunches for the week.  Yum & Fun in One!
Mon, Oct 1: The Surprise Guest:  want to cook up a gourmet meal in 5 seconds flat?  This class shows you what to have in your cupboard, how to store it, and how to rustle up a fab meal in minutes.  A Hipcooks must!

Trick or Treat, Hipspooks?

Treat: Take a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme leaves (I grow lemon thyme at Hipcooks, ask me for some) and a generous peel of lemon (try to get the yellow part only), pop in a bottle and cover with your fave olive oil.  Let sit for a day or two, and use the olive oil in everything you would have before.  Delish!
Trick: Same as above, but with wine!  Infuse an inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris with the above.  Chill for a few days, turning the bottle ever once in a while.  Serve in small glasses as a before-dinner treat.  Lemon-thyme wine - don't knock it till you try it.  (pssst:  vodka works, too)

And now, for a little downer:  Hipcooks Westside is totally held up.  I know you guys are anxiously awaiting classes there.  The space is nearly ready for cooking, but inspectors and legal issues with landlords have indefinitely postponed our opening.  So please send good juju-vibes.  (And don't wait for Hipcooks West, sign up for classes downtown!)

Eat well, Be well,