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Hipcooks Newsletter

Newsletter for: May 26, 2005

 Hi Cooks!

A huge juicy thanks to all of you who came out to Artwalk in May - that was fun!

Whipeee!  It is summer!  So that can only mean these few tasty tidbits:

  • The summer schedule is out!
The Thrill of the Grill series are in full swing, check 'em.  Also, new classes!  A Shortcut to Nirvana  - the Indian food class you've been asking for.  The name is inspired by a great film I saw, check out to watch the very entertaining trailer.   Summer Salads has the freshest crunch of summer, safe for vegetarians!  Your Just Desserts are back with a vengeance. And for those of you clamoring to meet the Hippest cook for a little summer lovin', I will offer two Singles Classes July 15 and 16 in the form of Turning Japanese.  Yep, roll in the sushi, sip some sake and meet Mr or Miss Right all at the same time. has all the classes listed in the class schedule.  Sign on up, but please, only do so when you are prepared to pay for the class straight away.  Soon the system will change, but for now I kindly ask all of you to pay straight away to confirm your place in the class.
  • Try this absolutely heavenly summer cooler.
Honeydew Lemonade
Get zesty with 2 lemons and then juice them.  In fact, maybe juice more lemons - you'll need about a cup of lemon juice.  Put the zest, the lemon juice and 3/4 cup of sugar in a pan and bring to a boil.  Simmer until the sugar dissolves completely.  Cool.  Hop to the Farmer's Market and find the juiciest Honeydew you can.  It should yield ever so softly to your touch and smell like summer.   Good.  Now peel it, slice it, eat a few chunks 'cos you cant help it and put the rest in a blender to pure.  In a pretty pitcher, combine the melon and the lemon syrup.  Chill.  Now, just before serving into iced glasses, add 2 cups of sparkling water.  Pop a lemon slice in each.  Ahhhhhh.
  •  Now you go have fun in the sun.  Bite into a peach at the Farmer's Market, get kissed by the sun, enjoy the salt of the ocean.  Drink Sangria and Get that Grill fired up!

Eat well, Be well,